Major Life Events and Planning Your Estate

ScalesDid you recently get married? Or have a baby? These are a few of the major life decisions that affect many of us and you want to make sure you and your loved ones are provided for. It is a good idea to meet with an estate attorney and visit your estate planning needs whenever your situation has changed.


  1. Marriage: If you haven’t done so already, marriage is a good time to draft a Will or Living Trust in order to ensure that provisions are made for your new spouse. If you have these, make sure to update them with your spouse’s name so that the transfer of assets and property happens as smoothly as possible.
  2. Buying a house: For many, the purchase of a home is the first time you may own property, and you want to make sure that property is included in your Trust.
  3. Divorce or Death of a partner: Unfortunately, the end of a marriage also requires an update, especially if you have to change beneficiaries or your Power of Attorney.
  4. Children: There are many ways to add to your family and in every instance you want to make sure your children are well-taken care of. You’ll want to have guardians appointed for them, add them as beneficiaries, and indicate at what age they’ll inherit assets.

Whether you’re just starting out and in need of advice on how to plan your estate or need help updating existing documents, we’re here to help you provide for your loved ones.